For when you need a village.
The first online wishlist, planning tool, and specialty product retailer for cancer patients and their supporters.
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A modern, stylish, practical approach to cancer.
What is OneVillage
Tools, content, products and services for patients, caregivers and supporters.
Find local professionals like doctors, nutritionists, therapists and alternative medicine practitioners who specialize in cancer patients.
Plan for treatment and enable supporters to gift you things that matter the most in making day to day a little easier like rides to doctor, house cleaning, meal delivery and more.
Curated ecommerce platform with access to essential but hard to find specialty products needed during treatment.

Current Patient

"I searched everywhere for a guide to help me navigate treatment; finding the resources at OneVillage would have been a big relief.” “I’ve gotten so many gifts, but hardly any of them are actually useful. The wishlist would have been the perfect solution.”


 "Lots of people don’t think about the issues men face with cancer.  We are concerned about hair loss and side effects too, but there are far fewer resources for us available online. I would definitely have  benefited from OneVillage content and eCommerce."


 "My mom has lung cancer and is going through treatment in a different city.  I’m struggling with a way to help from afar, and coordinating a wishlist online could have been a help to everyone."


 “I usually suggest Uber credit as a gift for patients, given what a pain point transportation can be. The wishlist and on-demand registry is an even more comprehensive solution, and I will definitely recommend it to patients.”

Patient Care Coordinator

 “The hardest part of my job is anticipating the needs of all my patients at the same time.  OneVillage would make it easier for patients to get the resources they need right when they need them.  We and other cancer centers would be eager to partner.”
Over the course of their lifetime 40% of people will be diagnosed with cancer.
The other 60% will be a close friend or family member of 4 people who have fought cancer.
OneVillage's mission is to inform, support, and inspire the millions of people treated for cancer each year through their journey and to effectively activate the community around them.
Our vision is to imagine how these same principles could be applied to all life changing events everywhere.

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Ashley Yesayan
Founder and CEO
"OneVillage’s premise is that cancer patients should have easy, on-demand access to content, tools, products and services that add choice, control, and convenience to their daily lives. The community around them should be able to help by pooling their time and resources in a coordinated, tech-enabled way.  That’s not how it works today, and that’s what OneVillage is here to change."