10 Free Resources for Cancer Patients You Probably Didn’t Know About

November 10, 2021
10 Free Resources for Cancer Patients You Probably Didn’t Know About

Written by: Sarah Flowers

Anyone who’s been through cancer knows that it’s hard.  Here are ten amazing free resources founded by cancer survivors that are here to help make your experience a little easier. 

1. Imerman Angels - Are you a cancer fighter, survivor, previvor or caregiver looking for one-on-one support that will help you feel less alone? Through their unique matching process, Imerman Angels partners individuals seeking cancer support with a “Mentor Angel” who shares life experiences in common such as the age of diagnosis, the type of cancer, lifestyle similarities and more.  These one-on-one relationships give a cancer fighter or caregiver a chance to get support from someone who has walked in their shoes before, and can lend empathy and guidance around navigate the healthcare system, determining your treatment options, or creating your own support system.  Click here to request a mentor today -- you’ll be glad you did!

2. Abridge - Ever walked out of a doctor’s appointment and struggled to remember the details about everything that was discussed? We definitely have.  Healthcare is all about conversations, and Abridge’s free, HIPPA compliant solutions record and summarize medical conversations anywhere care happens.  Once you’ve finished with your appointment, you’ll be supplied with a written summary of the conversation and can share summaries and recordings with family, clinicians, or anyone else you want to be kept up to date on your care.  Download Abridge today on the app store, and get ready for an easier, less stressful way of understanding and following through on your doctor’s advice.

3. No Time to Waste Podcast - Founded by inspiring stage IV AYA (adolescent young adult) patient Allison Hadden, the No Time to Waste Podcast is a must for anyone looking for a good dose of humor, inspiration, and hope in this crazy situation we’re all going through.  Listen to resilient adventurers, trailblazers, seekers, and overall good humans as they talk about what it means to “life fully” because there’s no time to waste for any of us.  Past guests have included Katie Couric, Matthew McConaughey, Sheryl Sandberg, Lance Armstrong, Nora McInerny, BJ Miller, Rabbi Steve Leder, Chelsea Handler, and more.  Download the latest episodes here or wherever you get your podcasts. 

4. Bright Box -  Parents of young children, look no further! When you’re dealing with cancer treatments, you may wish you had the time, and especially the energy, to help your kids learn, have fun, and connect.  Bright Spot, a non-profit founded by cancer patients who’ve been in your shoes before, has designed free art projects with the kids of cancer patients in mind. They provide everything you need to give your kids an amazing activity, so you can love them well, even in the midst of sickness and fatigue. If you have young kids and you’re going through cancer treatment now, you can request your free box here

5. Little Pink Houses of Hope - Breast cancer can be a time of despair and isolation.  Little Pink Houses helps patients and their families break through these difficult barriers with a unique, supportive environment and an all expenses paid trip to a destination of your choice. Retreats are much more than a week of free vacation, and most participants come away with newfound confidence and friendships that last a lifetime.  Click here to apply.

6. Move for Jenn - The move for Jenn foundation offers grants in the form of active-wear prosthetics to those who have suffered a limb to sarcoma or other affiliated diseases.  Since most active wear prosthetics are not covered by insurance, the foundation bridges the financial gap that allows amputees to get back to the activities they enjoyed before amputation.  Apply for your grant here and get back to the activities you used to love.  

7. Camp Kesem - Camp Kesem is a child’s friend through and beyond a parent’s cancer. This nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, supports children who have been impacted by a parent’s cancer with free summer camps.  Serving children 6 to 18, Camp Kesem campers experience a warm and loving environment with other children who have similar life experiences. This community provides the foundation for confidence building, improved communication skills, and a more positive outlook on life.  Learn more about the program and find a camp that’s close to you here

8. Karen’s Club - Did you know that only 5% of patients are enrolled in clinical trials? And of that number, hardly any of them are minorities or people of color?  Clinical trials are important because they prolong the lives of participants and lead to new discoveries in curing our disease. Making sure that people of all demographics are included in this research helps us develop treatments that work for everyone.  If you are a person of color reach out to Karen’s Club today to be paired with a free concierge who will work with you to explain the clinical trial process and find ones that work for you.  Book a consultation club with a peer support counselor today to learn more. 
9. Pink Ribbon Girls - Pink Ribbon Girls provides meals, housecleaning, and rides to appointments to women with breast and gynecological cancer regardless of age, stage, or socio-economics.  For some, free services lighten the burden to allow patients to focus on healing, and for others who struggle with food or transportation insecurity this means so much more. Request services today using this simple and easy sign up form.  

10. Ulman Foundation - The Ulman Foundation’s mission is to create a world where no young adult faces cancer alone.  Take advantage of virtual support groups, in person events, retreats, seminars and more that will help you feel connected with people like you. Check out all of Ulman’s offerings, and download their free guidebook with tons of helpful tips and suggestions while you’re at it.  

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