The 5 Best Places to Find Free Wigs for Cancer Patients

The 5 Best Places to Find Free Wigs for Cancer Patients


Sarah Flowers

4 days ago at 4:36 PM

For both men and women, losing your hair can be one of the most noticeable and traumatizing side effects of chemo. There are resources that can help you find free or discounted wigs; our community is always looking for more organizations like #2!

Losing your hair is one of the most noticeable, and sometimes one of the most traumatizing, side effects of chemotherapy for both men and women.  It doesn’t have to be though, with the help of these incredible 501(c)(3) organizations that know what you’re going through and are here to help.  Read on to find out five of the best places you can apply online to get a beautiful personalized wig completely free of charge so that you can feel beautiful throughout your recovery process.

  1. Ebeauty Wig Exchange - Through its partnerships with hospitals and other community based organizations Ebeauty accepts donations of gently used wigs which are refurbished and sent to individuals in need, free of charge. Those seeking wigs can select style, color and other options via the interactive online platform, and then apply here with a doctor’s prescription or a note from your nurse navigator.  Don’t wait to apply here today!

  2. Wigs and Wishes - In 1998, Wigs and Wishes founder Martino Cartier began the journey of changing lives through his career as a salon owner, stylist, and TV personality.  Joining forces with salons across the world, he created a safe haven for women to go to regardless of their financial situation in order to feel beautiful again. Since then, hundreds of salons have helped make that dream a reality by taking the pledge to restore dignity to women who lost their hair to chemotherapy at no charge. Apply here today for a free wig from this amazing organization.

  3. Sharsharet - Best Face Forward 2.0 is the latest addition to Sharsheret’s services for women facing breast and ovarian cancer. Best Face Forward 2.0 provides subsidies for non-medical services that are critical to a woman’s quality of life and body image and are not traditionally fully covered by most health insurance plans.  Although this is a charity affiliated with the Jewish faith, it serves and welcomes individuals from all faiths.  Best Face Forward 2.0 provides financial assistance for: wigs (cranial prosthesis), cold caps (scalp cooling), and tattooing (three-dimensional micropigmentation of the nipple and areola), tattooing of eyebrows (microblading), and yoga (where applicable).  Apply now for a chance to start feeling like yourself again with the help of these incredible free services.

  4. Hair We Share - This organization provides wigs to people of all ages. Hair We Share gives wigs free of charge to children under 18 years old who have a medical condition that causes hair loss, and they also give wigs to adults over 18 based on financial need. This charity’s mission statement is “to help maintain the dignity, confidence, and self-esteem of those affected by medical hair loss.” This statement applies to not just women and children, but men, too.

  5. Wigs for Kids - For children who have lost their hair, the organization Wigs for Kids provides wigs that are completely made of human hair and custom-made for each recipient. Even better, they are made so that they won’t come off - kids can play and engage in their normal activities without worrying about keeping their wig in place. Those interested can apply for a wig here or learn how to donate a wig here.

Don't see an organization that fits your needs? Email with the subject 'Free Wigs' for personalized assistance from our team!


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Chris Johnson

I don't personally need a wig, but wow- I had no idea these resources were available. I am going to share this with friends who may need it!

Amanda Carlson

I had no idea there were so many free options! Has anyone tried these?

Wendy Jones

Hair We Share helped out a friend of mine but I never reached out personally

Lucy Gidion

Just applied for Wigs and Wishes, I hope I can hear back from them soon, I am really looking forward to feeling more like myself with a wig hopefully it works

Heidi Denton

These are all great suggestions!

Rose Wilson

I've gotten one from American Cancer Society. It was OK, but honestly I found some on Amazon that I like better and I think are more stylish. Trying to make this into a fun game and try out some new hairstyles - look on the bright side, right ladies!??


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