Meet Survivor, Michele J.

Meet Survivor, Michele J.

Michele was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer at a very early stage, which meant limited treatment after a right upper lobectomy. As she begins to collect pieces of her pre-cancer life back five months post-operation, the biggest lesson she takes away is to be satisfied with the small steps.

“I’m not going to be immediately back to taking my kickboxing classes,” says Michele. “But I’ve got to be able to be satisfied with, gosh, I’m up to thirteen minutes on the elliptical. Learning to appreciate reaching those small goals is better than focusing on what can’t be done.”

Her support system is the foundation Michelle is building her recovery on. Her husband and sister worked together as her main caregivers, with unanticipated support from friends and family she’s known throughout her life.

Now, Michele plans to continue in recovery with a new perspective on life: “It is unpredictable, so take time to find your happiness. Stop to enjoy delectable foods! Say ‘I love you!” Follow your dream however you can, and don’t ever let age or fear stop you.”

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