Meet Survivor, Jing L.

Meet Survivor, Jing L.

Jing was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer after discovering a family history of the disease and receiving some abnormal mammograms. Listening to her intuition and advocating for her health, Jing went for a second opinion where a previously undetected lump was found.

“I quickly decided to get a double mastectomy, and I’m grateful I did,” explains Jing. “Though it was a very aggressive approach, I felt like it was the right decision for me. My hope is to be able to talk about my experience now from a place of grace and gratitude, to de-stigmatize how we talk about vulnerability, self-care, and strength for modern women today. It’s healing to share my story and to be inspired by others – wherever they are on their journey and own story.”

Jing writes about her experiences on her blog and supports the breast cancer community in any way she can. A large struggle for her was that there was no modern approach for reaching and connecting with others newly diagnosed with cancer. She hopes her writing and OneVillage story helps women who need it most to see themselves, sparking new conversations and belonging.

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