Meet Supporter, Libby W.

Meet Supporter, Libby W.

Libby supported her father through almost 30 years of cancer, scared that each new diagnosis would be the end. After his death, Libby reflected on her experience as a supporter.

“I think when people are fighting for their health, they become more grounded and truly appreciative of what others are doing for them,” says Libby. “It's that old saying that ‘in giving we receive.’ That is very true when giving care.”

As her father went through treatment, Libby saw how the cold of the treatment rooms affected him and felt she had to do something, since there wasn’t anything medically she could help with. That’s when the idea of MyHyggeJacket struck her.

“He was constantly cold and the blankets just ended up bunched around his feet,” explains Libby. “So I whipped up this idea from a thrift store sweater and took it to him. It became so much of a staple I made a nicer version and the vision was born!”

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