8 Apps For Cancer Support

8 Apps For Cancer Support

Alyshia Hull

Technology helps with many things and a cancer diagnosis should be no different. Use these eight apps to support you or your loved one through a cancer experience.

There are many apps out there designed for cancer patients. These apps can help families remember doctor appointments, save money on medications, keep track of prescriptions, and more. But with a large selection to pick from, it can be difficult to pick which ones to download. With that in mind, we rounded up the ones we found to be most beneficial for you and your family. Here are eight cancers apps designed specifically for the cancer community.

Create To Heal

iPhone, Free

Cancer is, in a word, stressful. Create To Heal helps patients, including cancer patients, manage their stress levels by encouraging them to tap into their creative side. Tested on hundreds of patients, the app provides users with relaxing activities like guided meditations, music, art, and inspirational messages.

While the app isn’t used as a treatment management tool, it was built to complement their care plan. Create To Heal aims to lower stress and aid in the healing process for those in highly stressful situations.

Get Create to Heal for iPhone


iPhone and Android, Free

CaringBridge allows patients to create online health journals, using the entries to help improve their treatment. The app also allows for sharing entries with family and friends assisting the patient with their medical care—as well as with other cancer patients around the world. Other patients can then comment on entries, allowing users to connect with those going through same or similar treatments.

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iPhone and Android, Free

This app allows users to find other patients who have the same disease, as well as find therapists in their local area. When looking for a therapist, the app allows users to use a filter so they can choose the best one for them and their condition. Patients can filter their therapist by cost, distance, and availability; if the patient would prefer to speak to a therapist virtually, they can choose that option, too.

Patients are able to share their stories, learn from each other, and make friends with those who are facing similar challenges. While the app doesn’t directly aid in treatment, it does provide patients with a sense of community and a support system.

Get WeAreMore for iPhone

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iPhone and Android, free

Organization is key to a smooth treatment plan. Evernote allows users to create checklists, take notes, and store PDFs that contain test results, medical records, and other essential files. Patients can share these files and documents with others through the app, and they can access their files on various devices to have on hand at both the hospital and at home. Although the app is free of charge, users can pay for a premium subscription for more features.

Get Evernote for iPhone

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iPhone, free

SkinVision allows users to snap a photo of their skin for analysis. It will scan moles, spots, and freckles to provide a "risk rating" for skin cancer. The app allows users to track their skin changes over time by developing and maintaining a photo diary. That said, while a detailed log might help your doctor, SkinVision is not meant to replace medical advice, and users of the app should speak to a doctor about their concerns.

Get SkinVision for iPhone


iPhone and Android, free

Medications can get complicated, which is exactly why MedHelper exists: to remind users to take their medications and help them keep track of their prescriptions. The app has a built-in alarm that goes off when the patient needs to take their medicine, refill a prescription, or attend a doctor appointment. While these tools might seem minor, it’s important for cancer patients to keep track of their busy, stressful schedule; with an organized app, the patient can focus on their treatment, knowing that their phone has their next scheduled appointment under control.

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iPhone and Android, free

Looking to save money on prescriptions? GoodRx may be the perfect solution. Users can type in the name of the medication they need for comparisons of prices from one pharmacy to the next. Whether shopping name brand or generic, GoodRX promises to deliver significant savings every month and access to discount codes for additional deals.

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CancerCare by CureSearch

iPhone and Android, free

For parents and caregivers dealing with pediatric cancer, CancerCare is an excellent option. Designed with families in mind, this app allows families to organize their medication schedules, track all side effects, blood counts, and resources straight from their phone. It also enables sharing with other family members and caregivers in real time.

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