11 Must Have Supplies to Have On Hand For Your Mastectomy

11 Must Have Supplies to Have On Hand For Your Mastectomy


Sarah Flowers

5 days ago at 9:53 PM

As you're preparing for a mastectomy, there are some things you should know about recovery. The OneVillage community shared their favorite supplies for recovering from a mastectomy and we put them into one, handy list. #8 is a must have for any surgery recovery!

You've got your mastectomy scheduled and are ready to start preparing. Many women before you have been there, and like they did, you probably have about a million different questions about what you'l need to do to prepare for surgery. It's scary, but you're not alone.

We've polled the OneVillage community to get advice from women who've recently been through a mastectomy to see which items they couldn't live without during their recovery. The best advice always comes from the people who've been there!

Read more about each of the top 11 must-have supplies to help you prepare for recovering from your mastectomy.

1. Hibiclens Sensitive Skin Animicrobial Soap

This fantastic soup is great for a host of surgery, chemo, or radiation skin issues. Its antimicrobial properties help fight infection, keeping your skin clear and safe from developing issues after surgery. It's great to buy a bottle of this and have it on hand for all sorts of situations!

2. Gel Ice Pack

Your doctor or surgeon will probably tell you all about how to use ice packs after surgery, but prepare in advance by having a couple packs on hand to swap in and out of the freezer. These are loved by our community because they are large enough to cover your full chest as necessary.

3. Zip Front Bras

Zip-up bras are a must have! You'll want to have at least a couple on hand so you always have a clean one to put on. Buying your own instead of using the itchy hospital-provided bras will make you feel a lot more comfortable, and you'll be able to change more often if you need to. These will be the only thing you wear for a couple months after surgery!

4. Recovery Robe

Bring a robe with you to have at the hospital while you're recovering! Robes like this can be used to hold drain pouches out of the way while still keeping you warm and comfortable. A long robe like this one is great for staying cozy and being a fashionista!

5. Mastectomy Drainage Pouch

This is an absolute must have for recovering at home! You can also fashion something  similar yourself with shoelaces or lanyards, but most of our community recommends having an easy solution on hand. There's a chance your hospital won't provide a pouch, but it's not worth the risk, so having one ready to go is always a good idea!

6. Vitamin E Oil

Don't ever neglect post surgical scar car! It might be scary to look at the area you've had surgery, but massaging and using oils/creams on the area can really help reduce the look of these scars in the future. Scar tissue that is left untouched can become painful later on, so caring for your skin now is caring for yourself in the future. Our Medical Review Board recommends Vitamin E oil as a natural way to both moisturize and minimize scarring as well as to give you a reminder to give your incisions a little massage when you use it.  Ideally you'd be doing 1 - 2 applications daily of this.

7. Wedge Pillow

You might find laying down uncomfortable for the days after surgery - remember, this is a major thing to recover from! By using a wedge pillow, you can get comfortable on the couch or in bed, allowing your weight to be better distributed. You might want to keep using it even after you've recovered, that's how comfortable it is!

8. Hulu Subscription

Don't forget you'll need ways to stay entertained while you can't be physically active! What better way to spend time on the couch than with your favorite TV show or movie? Before going into surgery, write a list of your 'must-watch' shows and have a friend come enjoy them with you while you heal.

9. Eva and Eileen Tops

Stylish and functional tops will be exactly what you need when its finally time to leave the couch again. Whether you're just walking into the kitchen or heading out for a gentle stroll around the neighborhood, flowy tops and tunics like these will be your best friend. Eva and Eileen tops are specifically designed for breast cancer patients so you know you're getting exactly what you need, including built-in drain pouches!

10. Seatbelt Cover

You might not think about it, but a seatbelt that crosses your chest isn't great for that sensitive area. That's why survivors have designed an easy seat belt cover meant to reduce the pressure on your chest as you're driving home from the hospital or venturing out after recovery. This is highly recommended by many of our community members to have on hand before you go in for surgery!

11. Hand Held Shower Head

You're finally allowed to shower, but it's not as easy as it use to be! A hand held shower head can come in handy in many ways - washing your hair without getting your surgery scars wet, lowering the pressure of the water and using in the bath, or washing those hard-to miss places. It's a shower upgrade that you deserve!

Do you still have questions about preparing for a mastectomy? We're happy to offer personalized recommendations to help you! Chat our team via the messenger icon below or send us an email at support@onevillage.io.


Last activity by Rose Wilson

Elizabeth Cleveland

SO glad to see Vitamin E oil here, it helped me reduce the look and pain of my scars SO MUCH!

Tonya West

No one told me about the seatbelt thing until I was a bout to get into the car to go home! Wish I had something like this before I went into my mastectomy.

Ashley Smith

Yes and yes to zip front bras, you don't even know how much you NEED those! The ones my hospital gave were terrible and I have OCD so I need to change a lot, so I bought a bunch to be able to change whenever I watned.

Melanie Jones

Love that there are cute zip front bras and recovery gowns. I personally think it's important to look your best to feel your best. Maybe it's vain but it's what has gotten me through surgery four times now.

Rose Wilson

I used every single one of these during my mastectomy, these are all great suggestions. Will be sending this to newly diagnosed women I mentor, it's wonderful to have all of the things you need all in one place.


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