10 Ideas for End of Cancer Treatment Gifts

10 Ideas for End of Cancer Treatment Gifts


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2 months ago at 7:19 PM

No matter how a patient marks the end of treatment, a gift to boost their spirits is a kind way to tell your loved one you're thinking of them. Here our the OneVillage community's favorite end-of-treatment gifts; #8 is unique and thoughtful!

The end of treatment means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, it’s a life milestone, complete with bell ringing ceremony and other pomp and circumstance. For others, it marks the end of a long period of medical trauma and celebration is the least of their concerns. Neither way is better than the other, but might help you to inform what type of support your friend or loved one would appreciate the most in the circumstance.

“The thing many people don’t understand about the end of treatment,” says Janet C., a recent survivor of ovarian cancer, “is that the end of treatment is really just the beginning of the journey.”  Janet shared that she found she needed just as much, if not more, support from her friends and family once she completed treatment and started to process the reality of what had just happened to her. 

“The bottom line,” Janet says, “is that it’s great to send a gift, but don’t forget that this isn’t the end of the road for most of us.”

No matter who’s on your list, we’ve got you covered. Created from a poll of the OneVillage community, here are 10 of the most thoughtful gifts you can give, besides your time (of course!) 💛

1. Handy Gift Certificate

Price: $129

There is literally no better feeling than sinking down after a long day into a cozy, clean home.  Regardless of whether your loved one is still in treatment or recently finished, you don’t know what kind of a hit her daily chores took during the duration of her chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and other priorities over the last 12-18 months.  Asking in advance whether you can hire someone a maid can be seen as an affront in some cases, so we recommend simply purchasing a gift certificate to a national chain such as this gift certificate from Handy, or simply googling in their area to see what maid servies are well regarded / well reviewed.  We promise, this is one of those unexpected gift he or she will remember for a long time to come!

2. Task Rabbit Gift Certificate

Price: $25, $50, $100

Just as housework can fall behind during treatment, so can yardowrk and other tasks around the house.  Particularly if your loved one is elerly or lives alone, treating them to a few hours of handyman services can take a huge weight off of them.  As with maid service, you can try a national service like Task Rabbit or Handy if your friend or family member lives in or near a major metropolitan area, but if they’re located a little more off the beaten path you may want to consult Angie’s list or google to see who has good reviews in the area.

3. Doordash Gift Certificate

Price: $15 - $200

We all have those nights when we just can’t muster up the energy to cook anything.  In a pinch, it’s great not to have the financial burden of ordering out looming over your head, and just to be able to order something healthy, delicious and quick that the whole family can enjoy.  Gift certificates to multi-vendor food marketplaces like DoorDash or Uber eats allows your friend or family member to choose from a large selection of restaurants in their area and have food delivered to them whenever it’s convenient for them.  No waiting on a casserole drop or trying to coordinate a tupperware return, this is definitely an upgrade!

4. Sunbasket Gift Certificate

Price: $25 - $300

Oftentimes particular surgeries or cancer types can require a special diet.  For the friend or family member who is taking their health more seriously following a diagnosis, a gift certificate from Sunbasket is the perfect option.  With more organic and special diet menu plans than any other meal kit on the market, Sunbasket is a great option for anyone looking to cut down on prep time and time in the kitchen, but doesn’t want to sacrifice the comfort of eating at home.

5. Zeel Massage Gift Certificate

Price: $25 - $300

After months, or sometimes even years, of being in treatment, everyone can use a little R&R.  As long as you’re sure your friend or family member isn’t in an immunocompromised position that might cause them not to feel safe with wellness treatments, giving them the gift of relaxation is sure to put a smile on their face.  You can use a national service like Zeel that provides in home massages, or once again you can look up top rated day spas or wellness centers in their area and send a gift certificate that way.

6. A Really Great Moisturizer

Price: $86

Chemo and radiation treatments can wreak havoc on skin all over the body.  One of the nicest things you can get someone finishing treatment, who’s maybe looking to get to feeling more like their old self, a luxurious moisturizer that will be a treat for them to use.  Our favorite is this extra thick moisturizer from LindiSkin which is formulated especially for cancer patients.

7. Home Depot Gift Card

Price: $25 - $100

After a long period of time in treatments, there’s something nice about - when you feel able to - plant a few flowers, spruce up a closet you’ve been meaning to organize, or do some other project around the house that helps you feel more like yourself again.  A gift certificate to a home improvement store like Home Depot or a retail store like Crate and Barrel can be hugely meaningful for a friend or family member that’s looking for a fresh start following treatment.

8. ByNext GIft Card

Price: $25 - $75

Do you know anyone who looks forward to doing laundry? Great, we don’t either.  Give your friend or family member who just finished treatment the gift of time that they can spend with loved ones, catching up on sleep, or just taking a mental break.  By Next is one of our favorite vendors for in home laundry pick up, and for less than you’d think you can have you laundry picked up and delivered to your door clean and folded in just a quick 24-48 hour turnaround.

9. Godiva Chocolates

Price: $105

When you’re not sure what to do, we recommend always erring in favor of chocolates.  This exquisite Godiva sampler is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.  A little something sweet makes any occasion better!

10. Get Well Gift Box

Price: $24

If Godiva’s not in your budget, here’s a perfectly delicious alternative that is a little easier on the wallet! This adorable gift basket tastes as great as it comes presented, which makes this an easy choice for anyone on your list!

Still Not Sure What to Gift?

If you're still looking for the perfect gift, reach out to support@onevillage.io to speak with a OneVillage team member about how you can help your loved one during their cancer diagnosis.


Last activity by Justin Perdania

Maria Johnson

This is so helpful, I'm sending this to my mom now since her friend just finished treatment!

Elizabeth Cleveland

My parents gifted me a house cleaning service and OMG what a life changing thing!!! It was incredible to come home to a clean house after my last treatment, knowing everything was taken care of and I could just rest (which is what my body needed!)

John Cameron

Great advice - my wife didn't want to celebrate treatment being over but the thoughtful gifts she did get meant a lot to her and our family, especially when someone gifted us a trip out of town.

Kristi Jones

Great idea about the massage - bonus points if you book the time and just tell them when to expect someone at their door!

Alice Osborne

I would love a Home Depot card, personally! I have this urge to redo my whole house to get a brand new start!

Justin Perdania

Honestly a thoughtful card was enough for me but I was never upset about a thoughtful gift like any of these either!


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