Meet Survivor, Jennifer B.

April 23, 2021
Meet Survivor, Jennifer B.

Jennifer was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer at 37, while caring for her 20 month old son and managing a full time career. During treatment, Jennifer handled days one at a time; but once the routine of treatment ended, she found it difficult to return to life. 

“I needed therapy more when my body was dealing with the physical after effects than during active treatment,” says Jennifer. “There’s a lot of fear and anxiety after a diagnosis, even if you’ve been declared cancer free, because there's fear of recurrence.” 

With her in-laws caring for her son on weekends she received treatment, her nearby support system was essential for her ability to continue working through chemotherapy. Her best advice to newly diagnosed patients is to take the time to rest. It can be difficult to give up the many roles you could fulfill before, especially when you’re young and busy, but your body needs to have time to heal; heal so you can come back even stronger. 


Jennifer describes her experience as: 


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