Meet Supporter, Rachel O.

May 03, 2021
Meet Supporter, Rachel O.

Meet supporter, Rachel. Rachel’s mom was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in late 2014 after being in remission from breast cancer since 2001. For Rachel and her family, the terminal diagnosis was shocking.  

“She was my rock, my best friend,” explains Rachel. “I was pregnant at the time, so as much as I tried to be strong for her, I know she did the same for me. Everything happened so fast, and my mom was always the caretaker herself, so keeping communications and treatments organized was a challenge.” 

After her mother passed away, Rachel sought therapy for the mix of emotions she felt during her mother’s diagnosis and her own pregnancy. “I had to realize that, you know, this happens to good people for no reason. But my mom told me before she passed that she lived a wonderful life and she would do it all over again, the same way.” 

Rachel now feels she’s come to a place of acceptance, which is her biggest piece of advice to other supporters helping their loved one’s through cancer. Her mom will always live on in her memory and sharing her story is one way to connect with the entire cancer community.

Three words Rachel uses to describe her cancer supporter experience: 


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