July 12, 2021

Sanvello is a place to feel better, wherever you go.  Get all of the support you need to help improve your mental health - on your terms. 

Sanvello offers four kinds of support in one easy to download and use app:

  • Self care - easily find the strategies and resources you need, day or night.  With Sanvello coping tools in your pocket, managing symptoms and tracking your progress is easy.
  • Peer support - draw strength from people who understand your situation and share your own perspective to help others.  It’s all part of being a part of a community that gets it.  Peer support is a powerful part of the Sanvello experience. 
  • Coaching - Access expert advice at your fingertips through Sanvello Coaching.  With advanced health and wellness training and over 200 hours of Sanvello training, our coaches are ready for one-to-one or group messaging to guide you through a difficult situation and to cheer you along.
  • Therapy - In times of greater need, or when you want an ear to listen, you can reserve a live therapy session with a licensed professional.  Sanvello therapy sessions connect you with a licensed therapist - on your phone, on the go to or from treatment - for one-on-one counseling to help you feel better.

About Sanvello

Sanvello is based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness meditation, strategies shown to provide effective relief for mental health concerns including anxiety and depression.  Rooted in empically-supported treatments for anxiety, depression, and stress.  Numerous studies have shown its platform effective in addressing a variety of psychological disorders that get in the way of living the best life you can.

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