Humana 365 App

July 12, 2021
Humana 365 App

Create your health journey with the Go365 App

What’s your health path—getting active, losing weight, more sleep or less stress? The Go365® App lets you choose your own health journey, and it’s designed to fit within your busy life.

Earn Points through fun and engaging activities. Plus, your personal profile will keep you updated and motivated with pictures of what matters most.


  • Taking the Go365 Health Assessment helps you learn about your current health and reveals your Go365 age. Complete any section in minutes.

  • Challenges add in a bit of healthy competition to your fitness activities. Create your own or participate in one of our corporate-sponsored challenges. Create and join teams, view progress on leaderboards and encourage your teammates.

  • Connect your favorite fitness devices and apps to help track your activities and earn Points—all from your smartphone!

  • Visit the Go365 Mall—where you reward yourself with gift cards, movie tickets and more from top retailers.

  • Your personalized Dashboard shows an at-a-glance snapshot of your current points and Go365 age.

The Go365 App is for Commercial Group and HumanaOne members, currently. It is not available for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug or Medicare Supplement members. Go365 is not an insurance product and not available in some states or territories.

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