July 12, 2021

Give the gift of getting lost in a story, a meditation exercise, or a calming soundtrack while in the chair getting chemotherapy, or while traveling to hospitals and healing on the couch.  

Many cancer patients spend more than 100 hours receiving treatment, and that doesn’t include time spent commuting to and from hospitals or waiting to receive care. Help make the time move faster with an audiobook from Audible, the world’s leading audiobook provider.  

Calm’s goal is to help patients improve their overall health and happiness through an award-winning app with numerous ways to help relieve stress and anxiety.  

  • Meditate - learn the life-changing skill of meditation
  • Sleep - Get more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Music - Exclusive music to help you focus, relax and sleep
  • Body - Video lessons on mindful movement and gentle stretching
  • Masterclass - Audio programs taught by world-renowned experts
  • Scenes - Nature scenes and sounds to enjoy while relaxing, sleeping, or in treatment

Calm is committed to developing evidence-based sleep and mindfulness resources, informed by rigorous scientific research. The team works closely with distinguished academic researchers and clinicians who guide and review efforts on the product so that the company’s offerings for cancer patients are always scientifically sound and effective. 

About Calm

Calm’s mission is to make the world happier and healthier.  They are the #1 app for sleep, medication and relaxation, with over 100 million downloads and over 1.5m+ 5-star reviews.  The company was named as an Apple “BEST OF” award winner and named by the Center for Humane Technology as the “world’s happiest app.”

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