What's Your Caregiving Style?

October 06, 2021
What's Your Caregiving Style?

When someone you love has cancer, you naturally want to support them in the best way you can.  It’s easy, though, to become overwhelmed by not knowing what you can do to help. To make it easier for you to identify how your personality superpowers can help you help your loved one we’ve created this short quiz. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers because every member of a cancer care team truly is as critical as the others.

  1. Which of these individuals caregiving styles do you relate to the most? a. Mother Teresa
    b. Reese Witherspoon
    c. Oprah
    d. Mr. Rogers
    e. Tom Hanks

  2. What word would people use to describe you?
    a. Tender
    b. Encouraging
    c. Hustle
    d. Patient
    e. Thoughtful

  3. If a friend or family member is in need of help, what is your first reaction? 
    a. Identify problems and create a list of what needs to be done in step-by-step fashion
    b. Remind them why they are amazing
    c. Offer to help in a concrete way
    d. Ask them how they are and actively listen
    e. Use your online research skills to help find resources to solve the problem 

  4. What is your favorite way of contributing at home? 
    a. Making lists of all the things you have to do--you love to organize & facilitate!
    b. Making household chores fun with your upbeat personality
    c. Cooking dinner
    d. Listening to the family talk about the day
    e. Paying the maid
  1. If you were helping with a charity 5K event, in which way would you be most likely to pitch in? 
    Organize a team to raise money
    b. Hang out on the sidelines, cheering everyone on
    c. Run in the 5K
    d. Listen to the stress of the organizer planning the 5K
    e. Donate to the event and share posts on Facebook 


If you scored mostly a, you identify as the coach. You excel at organizing appointments, and helping with everyday tasks that feel too heavy for friends or loved ones. You are the first one to hear how they feel and respond to their needs with your nurturing, patience, and organization.

If you scored mostly b, you identify as the cheerleader. You’re always there to offer encouragement and support when needed. You remind them of their value, and send them funny memes when they’re down. You are encouraging, fun, and helpful. 

If you scored mostly c, you identify as the team player. If you live nearby, you can be relied on to help with physical activities, meals, or other tasks to keep your loved one’s life running smoothly. If you live further away, you’re still present and always there to lend a helping hand. You are dependent, determined, and ready to serve as you’re called on. 

If you scored mostly d, you identify as the therapist. You are patient, kind, and listen actively to their needs and concerns. You are always around to offer an ear when they want to vent. You are the emotional support every cancer patient needs.

If you scored mostly e, you identify as the manager. You’re someone who is present and always there in spirit, but not always able to be there physically. You want to stay involved in the conversation and know what’s happening. You celebrate the successes of your friends and loved ones and you mourn with them when something goes wrong. 

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