What to Pack in a Hospital Bag

October 12, 2021
What to Pack in a Hospital Bag

WRITTEN BY YONATHAN AZRAN, originally published at HUGGA. 

Regardless of how long or what you’re staying in the hospital for, knowing what to pack in hospital bags can be the difference between a smooth recovery and one that is not so enjoyable.

Today, we’ll share with you the top five things to pack in hospital bags so you can recover in comfort.


We’re just going to say it: hospital-issued gowns are just awful. It’s not just because countless others have worn it before you, but because they just don’t feel good. From the poor coverage and open back to the stiff material they’re made from, you can do one better for yourself as you recover from labor, surgery, or your illness with your own hospital gown.

The Never Give Up Hospital Gown from HUGGA Apparel is a hospital-grade, antimicrobial and washable hospital gown designed to keep you comfortable while offering the utmost privacy and functionality you need between the nurse and family visits.

  • Double-sided zipper front for easy opening when needed (and coverage when it’s not)
  • Snap closure back and waist tie for total backside coverage
  • An adjustable length and waist for a personalized fit 


After sitting in a hospital bed for a while, your body can start to feel cold, making for a very long stay. Packing a warm layer like a favorite blanket and bathrobe can fend off that late night and early morning chill and help you get the rest you need to fully recover.  

The Hospital Robe pictured below is a tried and true soft-touch french terry robe to keep you cozy throughout your hospital stay, with sizes available for men and women.

The HUGGA Hotelish Robe offers whole body warmth and comfort without being too long to brush against the floor. 


As a young boy spending his life in and out of the hospital with Acute Crohn's Disease, HUGGA founder Yonathan knows better than most what difference a great pair of socks can make when staying in the hospital, making it our #3 item on our list of what to pack in hospital bags. In fact, Yonathan’s Favorite Hospital Grip Socks were designed with anti-slip silicone buttons on the bottom of the calf-length material for an ultra-comfy pair of socks you’ll love to wear long after your hospital stay.

Wondering what to pack in hospital bag for delivery?

Your own pair of Hospital Grip Socks will keep your feet warm at every leg of the journey. 


This seems obvious, but how many times have you forgotten it before! The last thing you want is to be admitted to the hospital only to realize you don’t have a cell phone charger, leaving you to either buy an overpriced charger from the hospital gift shop or go without during your recovery. Make sure your charger for your phone or any other device you plan on bringing makes it on your list of things to pack in hospital bag! 

Be sure when packing hospital bag to pack your charger to your phone, laptop, or tablet. 


Regardless of if you plan on being in the hospital overnight or a few days or even weeks, keeping yourself occupied is going to play a pivotal role in your mental health as you rest and recover. Pack plenty of whatever it is you enjoy doing; books, crossword puzzles, knitting, drawing, anything you can physically handle without overdoing it that will help you pass the time.

Packing hospital bag? Be sure to add in some good books or entertainment!


If you’re going to be in the hospital for a long treatment session or hospital stay, it’s important to keep things that you like in your bag. Pack your favorite snacks and LMNT so you can manage your hunger and thirst throughout your hospital stay.

When it comes to packing hospital bags, don’t wait until the last minute (if you can help it). If you are rushing around looking for what to pack in your hospital bag minutes before you leave, you’re more apt to forget the essentials, which can add extra stress you don’t need! That’s why we created this list and tools to make your hospital stay easier.


Yonathan is Founder and CEO of HUGGA. He was diagnosed with acute Crohn's Disease at age 7 and spent most of his young life in and out of hospitals. He recognized the critical gap in hospital care and decided to launch HUGGA, thereby revolutionizing patient wear by focusing on the actual patient experience from the patient's point of view.

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