Top Ten WishList Favorites

September 27, 2021
Top Ten WishList Favorites

Like getting married or having a child, being diagnosed with cancer is a huge life change. And just like any major life decision, your routines will likely change. We’re here to help you through it! 

Here are the top ten ways you can use our products to assist you with your new life situation:

  1. Hire a Cancer Coach: You want to make sure you’re getting the best care possible, and hiring a cancer coach can ensure that you do. Consider adding $250 of Vigeo Cancer Coaching to your WishList so you can get the support you need. 

  2. Find Pantry Staples: Maybe you want to limit your errands outside of the house because your energy is low. Instacart allows you to grocery shop from your computer and Not Just offers wonderful pantry staples. This pantry pack has just the items you’re looking for: savory sauces, sweet sauces, and salad dressing to boot! 

  3. Order Meal Delivery Services: If you’re too tired to cook, look no further! Sunbasket sends ready-to-eat meals to your home and DoorDash sends local restaurant’s foods to your doorstep. Consider requesting $500 of either to your WishList so you’ll have meals throughout your treatment period.

  4. Select Transportation Services: Unable to drive? No problem! Our partner Uber is ready to take you to all of your doctors’ appointments and errands. Most people find that starting with $250 in Uber credit will be a big help to make it to all of your appointments in time.
  5. Revise Your Skin Care Routine: Skincare products are riddled with ingredients that can interact with your cancer treatments. Happy 2nd Birthday’s skincare products were made with cancer-patients in mind. Add the Essential Chemo + Radiation Skincare collection to your WishList to have all your needs met. 

  6. Hydrate! Cancer treatments can leave you dehydrated, but supplements like LMNT can replenish your electrolytes and restore your hydration levels. Add it to your list to help as you undergo treatments.

  7. Wrap Yourself in Comfort Goods: Hospitals can be cold, sterile places, but your body doesn’t have to be. We recommend wrapping up with Bien Mal’s modern blankets or a Pamper-Me Cashmere Shawl to keep warm (and fashionable!) throughout your hospital stays.

  8. Use Massagers: You might have neuropathy, or just general aches and pains. Even if you’re just looking to feel more comfortable in your changing body, adding Miko Foot Massagers to your list could be the stimulation that you’ve been longing for.

  9. Listen to Audible Books: We all know this time of your life is not expected, so there’s tons of reading you’ll need to do. Consider requesting $150 of Audible credit so you can listen to anything from informational books to fiction that helps you drift to a happier place during chemotherapy.

  10.  Book a Vacay: Cancer treatments can take up all of your energy, so you might need to get away. Ask your friends and family for a gift card to Airbnb so you can enjoy a weekend somewhere outside of your home and the hospital. You deserve it! 

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