Top 5 Gifts for Cancer Survivors

September 01, 2021
Top 5 Gifts for Cancer Survivors

Battling cancer is a terrible thing for a patient, their friends, and their family. For a cancer patient, the most important thing to know is that their friends and family care. This matters even after cancer has been beaten - the process can be a traumatic one, and many patients are uncertain of how to feel afterward. 

At this moment, a gift from a loved one or friend can serve as a reminder of what an impressive accomplishment and milestone the patient has achieved, and  bring a smile when it’s needed most. 

At OneVillage, we’re lucky to have many wonderful partners that we go to for our gift needs. If you’re struggling to think of the best gifts for cancer survivors, we’re happy to share some of our favorites. From cancer survivor gifts for her to cancer survivor gifts for him, these are our top picks - appropriate for cancer survivors of any gender identity.

Bien Mal

Whether you need more blankets to keep you warmer in the winter or you just want to have a cozier time at chemotherapy, Bien Mal has the throw blankets you’re looking for. We love their selection of patterns and colors that represent a modern, classy aesthetic. All of their blankets are 100% cotton and guaranteed to make you warm and comfortable.

Not Just 

Planning out meals is difficult enough in regular times, let alone when dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Not Just makes and delivers delicious pantry staple sauces. If the recipient loves cooking, this is the perfect way to help them get back into the kitchen when they’re feeling better. If they were never much of a chef, Not Just will let them simplify the meal-making process, stress-free. 

It’s impossible to pick the best product from Not Just, so our recommendation will have to be their Mixed-Pack. This will make sure that the recipient is well prepared for anything they want to try in the kitchen.

The company was founded by two moms tired of spending time in the kitchen and away from their growing families.  One of the founders is the mom of a pediatric cancer survivor, and knows all too well the challenges of caring for a family during treatment.   We promise you won’t be disappointed with dinner from Not Just!


We can’t mention food delivery without talking about Soupergirl. We’ve often recommended their fantastic soups as great foods for cancer patients to enjoy while undergoing treatment. Soupergirl has always been known for using only the most responsible farming practices to bring you their delicious and healthy soups.

Soupergirl has become very popular as a gift, and they provide excellent gifting options. No matter the recipient’s favorite kind of soup, Soupergirl has you covered.

Miko Foot Massagers

Many cancer patients find themselves experiencing neuropathy and muscle pain while undergoing cancer treatment. While some may decide to hire a massage therapist, others don’t have it in their budget or don’t feel energetic enough to leave their house for appointments. If the cancer patient in your life is facing these problems, Miko Foot Massagers might be exactly what they’re looking for! Their foot massagers come in a variety of options to fit your needs and budget. Check out their foot massager products and air filter products on our marketplace. 

Happy 2nd Birthday 

If you’re looking for skincare products, look no further! These cruelty-free, vegan products are designed by cancer survivors with cancer patients in mind. After sister team Jae Ro and Juliana Brewer watched their father suffer from skin problems as a result of lymphoma treatment, they created their own formula to help others struggling the way their father did. Featured on Vogue Business and Forbes, these products will fit your budget and give you the spa-ready skin you’ve been craving.

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