The 15 Subscription Boxes for the Cancer Patient in Your Life

August 30, 2021
The 15 Subscription Boxes for the Cancer Patient in Your Life

Depending on where cancer patients are in their treatment, they may be living in a world of fearful anticipation, waiting for test results and treatment outcomes. Monthly subscription boxes for cancer patients are a wonderful way to make sure their basic needs are met. Subscription services can also provide gifts and activities that boost their moods. Studies have shown that anticipation of positive future events has a significant effect on overall wellbeing.

While a gift box won't change the reality of cancer treatment, it might make the process less uncomfortable. Though caregivers will still likely find themselves exhausted, a monthly subscription box can provide tools to relieve treatment symptoms, healthy meals, and activities that keep them busy when they’re feeling up to it. 

Here are fifteen subscription boxes that the cancer patient in your life needs: 

1. Therabox

Therabox was founded by a therapist—hence the name—who wanted to use the brain’s ability to change and alter its neural pathways in a tangible, positive way. The idea is that consistent self-care will create actual mental and physical changes in the body. 

Since a cancer patient struggles in many different ways throughout their diagnosis and treatment, self-care can fall very low on their priority list. This box will include different therapist-selected items each month and can serve as a nice reminder that it’s essential to carve time out for mental and physical well-being that is completely unrelated to the clinical treatments they might be going through. This is especially true for patients undergoing intensive and physically taxing chemotherapy or radiation. 

  • How many items per box: Six to eight full sized wellness products, plus one mental therapeutic activity
  • Delivered: Monthly
  • Cost: $30.99+

2. Hanging on Hope

Susan Hutchinson, a stage 4 ovarian cancer survivor of 11 years, founded Hanging on Hope to address "the emotional, physical, and spiritual struggles we face with an unknown future." The themes for Hanging on Hope's subscription boxes come from Hutchinson's own experience of her emotions, the time of year, or suggestions from friends and customers. Each month covers three areas - mind, body, and spirit. 

  • How many items per box: Four to six items focused on a theme
  • Delivered: Monthly
  • Cost: $53-$57/month

3. The Balm Box

Founder Liz Benditt survived four cancers over eight years and many radiation treatments. It was with this in mind that she created a box hyper-specific to patients undergoing radiation treatment. The boxes all feature products that have been recommended by cancer patients for cancer patients, so you know they’re things your loved one needs and will actually use.

  • How many items per box: Six to 10 items that aid in radiation aftercare
  • Delivered: Every two weeks, with three deliveries per subscription
  • Cost: $199/month

4. HungryRoot

The smell of food cooking can intensify nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy, so a meal subscription service with minimal prep can be a lifesaver. Though there are many meal subscription services to choose from, HungryRoot requires very little prep and focuses on food that is healthy and also great tasting. You can customize dietary preferences—including vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free, nut-free, or pescetarian. This can be crucial for cancer patients with nausea. Each week, you get to customize your box with selections of entrees, sauces, sides, desserts, and more.

  • How many meals per delivery: One to three meals per day for one week
  • Delivered: Weekly
  • Cost: $59 for six meals (portioned for two people - they’re easily reheated if you’re prepping for one!)

5. Misplaced Muse Creative 

This is a subscription box that has nothing to do with cancer, treatment, or the body, but can be a welcome distraction for the cancer patient in your life. This box is specifically for book lovers, and it’s great for when energy levels are low and heading to a bookstore is out of the question. You can choose from subscriptions that send new or gently used secondhand books, along with a handmade scented item and a beverage to sip while they read.

  • What you get: A lightly used book, a candle, and a hot beverage to drink while they read.
  • Delivered: Around the 10th of the month
  • Cost: Starts at $9.33/month

6. The Adults and Crafts Crate 

The Adults and Crafts Crate is a subscription box that delivers crafts suitable for adults. A creative way to take the mind off the realities of a difficult diagnosis, this box arrives with everything needed to make a trendy craft or DIY project. It includes all the materials, accessories, tools and step-by-step directions.

  • What you get: All the tools, materials, accessories, and instructions you need to complete the craft
  • Delivered: Ships between the 15th and 20th of each month
  • Cost: $30/month

7. Bloomsybox 

Bloomsybox delivers fresh flowers selected from sustainable farms around the globe. Each bouquet is hand-picked and cut to order. Floral arrangements are a wonderful way to help brighten your loved one’s day. If they’re spending more time at home, it can help bring some cheer into their living space when they may not have the energy to clean or spruce it up.

  • What you get: One bouquet cut to order
  • Delivery: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
  • Cost: $38/month

8. Finders Seekers 

You might find yourself at home more than usual and low on energy while undergoing treatment. But being at home doesn’t have to be boring! This subscription sends you unique puzzles every month to explore a new city and have an escape-room-like adventure in the comfort of your own home.

    • What you get: Puzzles set in a city theme
    • Delivery: Monthly
    • Cost: $25/month

9. Kinder Beauty Box

You might notice that as you’re undergoing cancer treatments, your skin is more sensitive than it  previously had been. Your beauty products might no longer be safe to use. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t pamper yourself! This beauty box comes with vegan, cruelty-free, natural make up products every month. 

  • What you get: $165 worth of both full-sized and travel-sized vegan, cruelty-free, clean beauty products – everything from skincare and makeup to haircare and other vegan goodies.
  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $26/month

10. Book of the Month

You might not have energy to run around, but it’s funny to stay busy while in bed! Check out this book of the month subscription package to explore new stories. They pick five books of the month and you pick your favorite. If you need to skip a month because you haven’t read the books, that’s totally fine. They have those options

  • What you get: One book
  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $9.99

11. MeUndies

MeUndies is a subscription box of colorful, comfortable underwear shipped to you monthly. No more old, ratty underwear laying around in your underwear drawer. Fresh up your wardrobe and feel better with this choice! 

  • What you get: a new pair of underwear each month
  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $14/month for women; $16/month for men

12. KnitCrate

Tap into your inner creative and create knitted, usable projects. You get to select the colors that you like and each month comes with yarn, a pattern, and small gifts.

  • What you get: yarn, pattern, small surprise gifts
  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $24.99/month

13. Hunt a Killer

This family-friendly murder mystery game is what you were looking for in your family game nights! All of the supplies are provided so your family can have a new mystery to solve every month. And the best part: you don’t have to leave your home for this fun! 

  • What you get: New game each month
  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $33.95/month

14. Listen-Color-Relax

If you’re finding it hard to relax, especially after playing the murder mystery games, this box could help you out! It comes with relaxing piano music and an adult coloring book. 

  • What you get: Music and coloring book samples
  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $4.50/month

15. Foot Cardigan

This subscription box helps you cover your feet in style! Each month they send you colorful socks that match your personality.

  • What you get: New pair of socks
  • Delivery: Monthly
  • Cost: $12.99/month

This list is certainly not exhaustive. Subscription boxes cover a variety of needs and budgets — for further research, we recommend sites like CrateJoy to search for specific or niche offerings your loved one will look forward to receiving each month. Whether you’re looking for food, therapy, or fun, there’s a box out there for the cancer patient in your life that’ll make their time at home more relaxing and enjoyable. 

Undergoing treatment doesn’t have to be colorless or hopeless. It can be packed with family, friends, and some awesome gifts.

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