Lower Back Pain & Endometrial Cancer: Tips & Tricks for Navigating This

October 22, 2021
Lower Back Pain & Endometrial Cancer: Tips & Tricks for Navigating This

A common side effect of endometrial cancer and its treatments is lower back pain. If you’re experiencing this, these are some tips and tricks for navigating this portion of your cancer journey.

Lower Back Stretches. There are a few common stretches that will help you relax the muscles in these regions. If you’ve just had surgery, however, make sure to get a doctor’s opinion before completing them.

Tiger Balm. There are many benefits to using tiger balm, including improving blood circulation, which reduces inflammation and cools aches. Talk to your doctor to make sure it doesn’t interact with any of your other treatments.

Use Ice or Heat. Alternating between hot and cold compresses can help your back. If one works better than the other for you, experiment with that method. 

Get a New Mattress. Sleeping on a better mattress will support your muscles the way they need. Talk to your doctor for recommendations for the type of mattress / bed is best for people who’ve had the procedures you’ve had. 

Wear Proper Footwear. Wearing supportive footwear can improve posture and stability which could in turn assist with your lower back pain.

Massage Therapy. If you’re finding yourself frequently in pain, massage therapy can be another way to alleviate your symptoms. Talk to your massage therapist about the pressure that’s right for you given where you are in your treatment.

Medication. Talk to your doctor about the cause for your lower back pain. If it’s bad enough, they might be able to provide prescription-strength narcotics to aid in your healing. Start with over-the-counter medications first after checking about the potential interaction of the medication with your other cancer treatments.

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