How to Use the CheckList

October 07, 2021
How to Use the CheckList

Having cancer changes your whole life. Even basic tasks that you used to do automatically -- like making coffee or walking the dog in the morning -- get a little harder. Regular days become challenging, and hard days become impossible. Add in the complexity of learning new medical jargon, scheduling doctor’s appointments, and keeping your friends and family updated on your prognosis and you’ve got a surefire recipe for overwhelm.

Having been through this ourselves, we know how hard it is and want to take some of the added stress off your shoulders. That’s why we, along with our Medical Review Board of oncology physicians and nurses, created the checklist with input from dozens of patients, survivors, and supporters: so you have a timeline of everything that you’ll need to accomplish as you manage your cancer journey. Here’s how to use our checklist to take the guesswork out of this new situation you’ve found yourself in:

  1. Open your OneVillage homepage daily. Each day, we’ll provide just a few items that you’ll have to complete to keep on track for managing your care.  You can work at your own pace, completing as many items as you like at one time, or skipping ahead on the list if you’re interested in seeing what’s to come.  

  2. Check off tasks as you complete them. Every time you complete a task, click that it’s complete to move on to the next task. Enjoy the rewarding feeling of accomplishment after each check, and keep your care and treatment moving forward (even on hard days!). 

  3. Skim through the list. If you’d like to preview what’s ahead, click all the tasks as complete to preview what comes next. If you’re suffering from overwhelm, we don’t recommend this. We’ve made it bite-sized to make your cancer journey easier, and everything has been organized to keep you on track with the help of real people who’ve been through this before

  4. Skip the steps that you aren’t ready for or don’t fit your situation. Everyone has different routines before they get cancer, so we know that everyone will handle cancer differently, too. There may be steps that you don’t feel ready for or don’t apply to you and we know that. Use the skip feature for the ones that don’t feel relevant. 

  5. Check back for more updates. Just as you’re constantly learning more about your journey, so are we! Keep checking back for more updates as we learn from each other. If you notice something that we’re missing, we want to hear it! Send us an email at to be in touch. 💛

Because we know that your diagnosis can be challenging for those that support you, we’ve also added a supporter checklist. Their customized checklist also helps them to navigate the changing terrain of their life and the unique challenges they face as a supporter. By inviting your supporters to join your Village, you give them a chance to access the tools that they need to better help you as you heal. 

Learn More About Using the OneVillage Checklist

Regardless of where you are in your cancer journey, OneVillage is here to help. OneVillage is dedicated to providing the support, information, goods, and services that cancer patients need. Whether you’re wondering how to use our checklist or how to find a community of people like you, OneVillage is here.  In addition to highly personalized recommendations and checklists to help you navigate your new normal, through our WishList feature we also allow supporters to contribute to a fund for  your medical trips and other expenses. If you have any further questions about what OneVillage offers and site features, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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